Fit*ness by definition is the condition of being physically fit and healthy or the quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task. Simplified by definition is to make less complex or complicated; make plainer or easier:

The best part of this is that it really is that easy but everyone makes it complicated, overthink’s it, analyzes too much of it, just flat-out doesn’t put in the work or worse puts out a half ass effort and expects full-time results.

There’s such a lack of personal accountability from the major majority of the population and then one excuse not to train plus one justification of why a food reward is in order sets up a trend and the hamster wheel just continues to turn.

So in my style of doing so I will break down how easy it is and touch on some topics, in another post I will spend more time on specifics of these main points.

  • Make time for exercise – I don’t care how busy you think you are, everyone can dedicate at least 20 minutes a day to their fitness, and 20 minutes is being generous, 40-60 is probably more accurate. If you think you are to busy then I challenge you to log your time talking on the phone, texting & on social media, then tell me you don’t have time to train.
  • Make time to learn what macronutrients (There are three major macronutrients that the human body needs in order to function properly: carbohydrates, protein, and fats) foods contain and in what quantity, I get told all the time how great someone eats and then when I receive their food log the definition of what is a good food is questionable and the amount taken in is generally 2-3x greater than the serving size listed. Learning what and how much to eat is and will be invaluable for your future fitness success.
  • Make time for food preparation – Not everyone is handy in the kitchen and it might take you some time to get a solid routine down, but start to cook for yourself and portion out your foods so that you can get an idea of what a serving size really is and so you can accurately track what you are taking in.  This is also very valuable when eating out and traveling, restaurants have a job to make you food taste good and give you a portion that will make you feel you got a value for your dollar, this portion is often much bigger and most people don’t leave a restaurant with food on the table.
  • Do not over complicate your training sessions and stick to a routine – If you are reading this, you have internet access, if you have internet access you have the first tool needed to find a great program from one of many sites out there that have very solid training plans and ideas posted on their sites,  Check out Tiger Fitness or Muscle & Strength to start with.  Once you have found a training routine that fits your goals and schedule make a pledge to yourself that you will not make excuses and that you will go into every training session wanting to better yourself. There is that saying that says  if you aren’t where you want to be, that should be enough motivation to get there. Go into the gym, leave your phone in the car or put it on airplane, check out from the world and hit the pre planned out session with intensity.
  • After you have scheduled exercise into your day, found a training program that fits your fitness/life goals and have taken the time to learn the basics about fueling your body and how to prepare your food so that you go into each day with a plan on how & what you need to eat….Simply repeat it, make your days carbon copies of each other, focus on your goal and watch what happens to your physique over the next 8-12 weeks!


  1. Make time to exercise
  2. Make time to learn about food and food values
  3. Make time to prepare your own food in the proper portion sizes
  4. Write up or find a solid training plan to fit your goals
  5. REPEAT Daily


Stevie T Fitness

**always consult with your physician before starting or changing a current workout routine , nutrition program or supplement.  The advice and programs that are talked about on this site are not recommended for use by any individuals with any medical condition(s) that might be compromised by intense exercise or resistance training.  If you feel any abnormal pain, nausea or dizziness please discontinue training and consult your health care professional immediately **

” The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more ”  ~ Jonas Salk

Happy Sunday, this is quote is what popped into my head before I got out of bed, Sunday is the day I let my body tell me what it wants and I have been feeling really good so I planned out a high paced circuit at my facility and named it the above quote.  The quote came to me because of the pre-training powder I am using right now from Ryno Power Sports Supplements,  The past week I have upped my intensity and outdoor cardio, I thought about how I have been feeling in the training sessions and it hit me that every single time I have trained my performance gets better the longer session goes. So I likened that quote to the Gladiator pre-training powder that I have been reviewing.  It hits fast but I feel you don’t get the gears really turning until the 35-45 minute range when another boost comes at you and carries to the end.


I feel that with this kind of routine or any that requires an Athlete to compete or engage in a fitness program that requires muscular endurance will without question be able to step up their game with the Gladiator.

I did this session on an empty stomach and fueled it like this.

1. Gladiator Pre Training powder 1 serving & (6) RP Recovery Aminos – 20 minutes before the session

2. (6) RP Recovery Amino’s + 1 scoop RP Carbo fuel – Immediately post training

3. 1 scoop RP carbo fuel + 2 scoop RP French Vanilla protein

Just a quick update for you – Gladiator should be ready to hit the shelves in the next few weeks, and I believe they are taking pre-orders, if you’re training requires high intensity muscular endurance I would highly recommend getting this before your competitors do.

Stay Hungry, Stay Focused, Stay Humble ~ until next time Stevie T.

Unsweetened - Neutral Flavored Carbo Fuel

Unsweetened – Neutral Flavored Carbo Fuel

Ryno Protein - A  clean & pure premium whey protein blend.

Ryno Protein – A clean & pure premium whey protein blend.

**always consult with your physician before starting or changing a current workout routine , nutrition program or supplement.  The advice and programs that are talked about on this site are not recommended for use by any individuals with any medical condition(s) that might be compromised by intense exercise or resistance training.  If you feel any abnormal pain, nausea or dizziness please discontinue training and consult your health care professional immediately **

Between owning retail stores, competing & running training facilities I have been in and around the supplement industry for 16 years now & as of late I see what to me is a disturbing trend of flaunting the flash from several current brands.  Now I am all about a free market and capitalism, I am about people spending their money where they see fit, I am about business owners making as much profit as they can if the company morale is high across the board and the staff / ownership each feel that there is a value in each others position. What has got my attention lately in the industry is the blatant marketing that some brands are choosing to use, It’s the flaunting of $500,000 sports cars & private jets etc within their advertising, I am confused if this is an ego thing or if it is a strategy to make the consumers believe that this brand has to be legit because owners are “giving off” the appearance of complete domination in the industry & a life filled with luxury due to the sales of their products. It is all over social media and in print, for Instance I remember looking at a very large magazine and turning the page to an advertisement with a dude standing out in the driveway, in his undies, next to a sports car….now for a minute I thought I dozed off and someone replaced my “muscle magazine” with Fortune or GQ – I still to this day have no clue what brand it was for or what was being advertised.

From my view-point I think it looks absolutely fucking stupid, it turns me away from even looking at their product line and ensures that I will never buy anything from them.  I see zero relevance between an ad that flashes wealth/material possession and the quality of the brand or product, now I must be different because from the looks of it these guys are either maxing out credit to live large or are selling a shit ton of skews!  Either way I will continue to support with the companies out there who put more into what their customers get out of the deal i.e. “RESULTS” from the products,  I will stick to the companies who post informative videos from their home or business offices, I will support the brands who provide science backed information and apply that in their products, I will stick with the one’s who keep the integrity of their brand intact by controlling how deep discounts go and who is authorized to sell their products… I will stick with them and  you can have the fancy cars, the marketing hype and the 80% off “One Day” sales.

I guess I missed the memo where flaunting wealth or my guess is in many cases, the perception of wealth to current or potential consumers is how you show that your products are legit,  apparently I need to start paying more attention!

My 2 cents

Stevie T.

Happy Tuesday everyone, I hope your week is off to a great start

I recently started a brand review on a global supplement brand that is based out of Southern California called Ryno Power – Ryno Power was started by Ryan Hughes, a motocross legend who was known for his hard charging style and never quit attitude and at my first glance of the labels and ingredients in this line the same mentality has been carried over to the brand. The products are well designed, contain zero artificial flavors, and as many organic and non gmo ingredients as possible, you can tell right away that their goal is to keep the integrity of the brand high while still being effective.  Because of this you can expect to pay a small amount more than many of the “mainstream” brands out there however they have some very unique formulations that you can’t compare to others and you can be assured that you are getting an extremely high quality product that doesn’t sacrifice or cut corners, my motto is always the better you fuel the better you perform.

There is currently six products in the line but I am reviewing only four of them & I will start with the French Vanilla protein powder, It comes in a 2 pound resealable bag that yields 20 servings and gives you 27 grams of lactose free, allergen free and gluten-free protein per serving that comes from three high quality sources (Whey protein concentrate, Whey protein Isolate and Hydrolyzed Whey protein isolate)  It is naturally flavored with non gmo organic vanilla bean powder, organic evaporated cane juice, stevia and other natural flavors, It mixes instantly in a shaker bottle and has a mild vanilla taste to it and I am very impressed with everything about this product.

Ryno Protein - A  clean & pure premium whey protein blend.

Ryno Protein – A clean & pure premium whey protein blend.

The second product I am reviewing is Carbo-Fuel – Carbo fuel is neutral flavored complex carbohydrate (energy) source that also comes in a 2 pound resealable bag and yields 27 servings that each give you 50 grams of pure glucose polymers coming from non gmo corn and rice sources. Carbo Fuel is 100% pure, there are NO added preservatives or colors in this product, I have used it as a standalone product to help fuel both resistance and mountain bike training sessions as well as a post training glycogen replacement/total recovery mix when combined with the Protein powder.  Because of the flavorless profile you don’t even know you are drinking it however you can feel the constant (non stimulant) energy that it provides you.

Unsweetened - Neutral Flavored Carbo Fuel

Unsweetened – Neutral Flavored Carbo Fuel

The third product from Ryno Power that I am reviewing is Recovery – Recovery is a capsule based Amino Acid supplement that is designed to prevent catabolism (the breakdown of muscle) Speed recovery and promote strength increases and help your body with stamina.  Recovery comes in 200 count bottle with the recommended dose being 3 pills at a time, depending on the intensity and frequency of your training will determine how often you would take this product and like any other amino acid product out there you wont necessarily feel anything from it immediately but it is one of those categories that you do want to have in your supplement cabinet to ensure you are always performing at your best.

The final product that I get to review is one that has yet to hit the market but from what I hear it will by June 1st. I feel very privileged that they trusted me to test this out before it is even in the package or on the market..  This product is going to be called Gladiator, from the name of it can you guess what category it falls into?  If you said pre-training you are correct, Gladiator is a pre-training powder, now because it is not out & because I am in no way associated with Ryno Power I was not given a spec sheet on it, I did have a short conversation with one of their representatives about it so I understood how to use it etc..  So with this being said I will tell you my experience with the Gladiator so far & we will all have to wait for it to hit the shelves to see exactly what it contains.

Soon to be released pre training product - Gladiator!

Soon to be released pre training product – Gladiator!

My first dose of Gladiator was on a resistance training day, my first impression was that it had a non sweet (non artificial/non chemical) strawberry watermelon ish taste, it is not bitter, it mixed with ease and within ten minutes I could tell that I had taken something and was getting amped up to get the session started.  What I experienced after this was an insane amount of mental clarity and focus, the initial energy kick continued through the whole session and I actually I felt like I got a second kick around the 45 minute mark that lasted well after I was finished. Overall I was in that zone during the whole session and had one of the better gym days in quite a while… I am very excited for this product to be released to see what all is in it because in a good way it is way different than many of the popular pre products that just feel like they put stimulant on top of stimulant in their formula and send you on a jittery ride to the moon. Note: I have since used it for endurance training and experienced the same type of feeling.

I understand that they are or will be soon taking pre-orders on Gladiator, so if you want to be one of the first to get your hands on it I would contact them to get your name on the list or 1-(800)-771-0131

If you are an Athlete of any kind I recommend taking a look at this brand, It is simple, well thought out and the products have applications in any athletic arena.

Until Next Time – Stay Hungry – Stay Focused – Stay Positive – Stevie T!

Welcome back.

Since I got back from the Arnold Sports Festival and am not currently reviewing any specific products or brands I have had time to catch up on things, train more and take on fun projects like this one.

I am asked about my nutrition & cooking life more than I am about training so I wanted to do a post about cooking with my favorite oatmeal Coach’s Oats which is available at many retailers including Costco along with online through their website. Not very many days go by that I don’t eat oatmeal & I am always playing around with food combinations so I constantly change up how I use the oats and how I flavor them & was asked by a member to list my personal favorite oatmeal creations so that is what today is about, I will post the pictures and a caption if you have more questions about any of them just comment and I will explain the creation in more detail.

IMG_20140722_061309 (1024x1024)

Fresh mango & shredded coconut with a cinnamon dusting.

IMG_20140717_072204 (1024x1024)

Bacon & Bourbon candied nuts on greek yogurt

IMG_20140714_062453 (1024x1024)

Banana & Dates with a stevia sprinkle

IMG_20141003_193046 (1024x1024)

Switching gears. Instead of bread crumbs I add it to my muffin tin meat loafs

IMG_20141109_052341_wm (1024x1024)

In the start of oats & protein bites

IMG_20141109_052517_wm (1024x1024)

Oat & Protein Bites

IMG_20141109_052113_wm (1024x1024)

Finished up Oats & Protein bites

IMG_20141214_200248 (1024x1024) (1024x1024)

Banana and pumpkin Truth and Oat pancakes

IMG_20141214_204724 (1024x1024) (1024x1024)

Banana & Pumpkin Truth cakes

IMG_20150111_142302 (1024x1024) (1024x1024)

Superbowl Sunday – Chocolate Chocolate Chip Coach’s Oats and Bio Gro Cakes.. Vanilla greek yogurt and peanut butter added

IMG_20150111_145636 (1024x1024)

Ground up oats in muffin tin Frittatas

IMG_20150111_145501 (1024x1024)

Muffin tin Frittata on a bed of spaghetti squash.

IMG_20150327_083558 (651x651)

My latest routine.. No cooking required 1/2 cup Coach’s Oats 1 scoop RCSS King Beef 1 scoop Muscle Elements The TRUTH 1 Cup coffee 1/2 cup water – more to taste blend protein in cold coffee and additional water, pour over oats in a large bowl, stick into the fridge and grab and go in the morning

10873419_10152980576434853_1407047039591085971_oThanks for reading. Stay Hungry & Stay Focused

**always consult with your physician before starting or changing a current workout routine , nutrition program or supplement. The advice and programs that are talked about on this site are not recommended for use by any individuals with any medical condition(s) that might be compromised by intense exercise or resistance training. If you feel any abnormal pain, nausea or dizziness please discontinue training and consult your health care professional immediately **


Hello everyone, I am just getting back into town from attending the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus Ohio, It was an awesome time like usual, the show seemed bigger and the crowds were insane!  Before I left for this event I finished up my eight week review on Isatori, the review didn’t go exactly as planned due to a short delay in the release of PreGro & HyperGro products on top of a gigantic demand for them but in the end the way it all went down was worked out for the better I feel.

So I started at the beginning of the year taking the following three products:

Isa Test DA3 * BioGro * Amino Amp

My stack for the first 4 weeks

My stack for the first 4 weeks

Isa Test is a powdered testosterone amplifier that I used first thing in the morning and also pre workout, It was good to not have a traditional pre workout for the first month so I could try to get the real feeling from this product. What I experienced was a slight surge in energy and aggression during my training sessions that started about 6-7 days in and my strength increased steadily over the course of 4 weeks and (2) containers I used.  The second part of the workout stack was Amino Amp – to me taking Amino products during training sessions is like having inexpensive insurance for your muscles, you don’t really feel anything from them but the peace of mind knowing that you are helping your recovery is enough to buy these products.  The third part of the first month stack was steady doses of Bio Gro, I was taking a total of 9 scoops of Bio Gro a day between adding it to protein shakes and also just using one of the instantized flavors in water with a whole food meal.  I had used Bio Gro as a standalone product in the past and felt amazing recovery and strength gains off of it so having a this in the stack was a no brainer.  Overall the first four weeks went great, the stack was simple and effective & I would recommend it to anyone with an adversity to caffeine or those who just don’t like the feeling that traditional pre workout products give you. (note that Isa Test does amplify testosterone, women and younger males should not use this product)

On to month two!!! everyday during the first four weeks I was hoping to get the box that contained what had been billed “the new after 1.5.15 ” When I finally got my hands on them early in February I do like usual and read over the label and the product claims closely.  At first glance I could tell that Pre Gro was going to be good and the 5 phase protein complex that Hyper Gro boasted impressed me right off the bat without all of the other bells and whistles that I had in it.

Pre Gro - Bio Gro - Hyper Gro

Pre Gro – Bio Gro – Hyper Gro

Pre Gro is a new breed of pre workout supplements that is 100% transparent on the label plus it is infused with Bio Gro, Creatine, Beta Alanine, Citrulline and “HydroMax” which is a stable form of powdered glycerol. Now the addition of HydroMax makes the powder seems like damp sand inside the container, if you try this product know that this is normal and there is nothing wrong with it.  I started with a one scoop serving for the first couple days with decent results, then I bumped it up to two scoops and could immediately feel the difference, from there on, training session after training session this product never let me down, the focus is real, the energy and intensity you get is on point and the pump, well some days it was beyond anything normal. You need to give Pre Gro a try!

Hyper Gro is Isatori’s new “Clean Bulking Gainer” it has a 50/50 Protein to Carb ratio & per scoop it looks like this 4 grams of Fat – 23-26 grams of carbohydrates and 25 grams of protein coming from 5 sources including beef protein isolate, Hyper Gro also contains more Bio Gro, more creatine and a few other goodies.  This is a product that you take post workout and optimally at one other time during the day, Hyper Gro mixes thick and creamy but also very easily, it tastes awesome and makes a great pudding or ice cream for those of you who like to mess with different things. I feel that Hyper Gro has filled a void in the market and that this product has so much versatility. Next time you are in the market for a new powder do yourself a favor and pick up one of these, you will not be disappointed!

So there you have it, my first review on a brand that has been around for quite a while,  Isatori that boasts that they were founded on the guiding principle of Truth, Science, and providing Solutions, above merely selling supplements and In my opinion it shows, I had a extremely productive eight weeks of training while using the brand and look forward to adding in some of these products again in the future.

Thanks for reading.

Be Positive.
Be Relentless
Be Grateful
Be Humble
And Stay Hungry.

Stevie T Fitness

**always consult with your physician before starting or changing a current workout routine , nutrition program or supplement.  The advice and programs that are talked about on this site are not recommended for use by any individuals with any medical condition(s) that might be compromised by intense exercise or resistance training.  If you feel any abnormal pain, nausea or dizziness please discontinue training and consult your health care professional immediately **

If you pay any attention to the world of supplements you have probably heard of the term Amino Spiking, If you buy protein powder from your local specialty store, online at one of many retailers or a big box like Wal-Mart or Costco and you are someone who cares about value, honesty and quality you might be interested in this post.

I am going to keep this simple because there are tons of very detailed posts out there that will provide you with a ton of information to the point that it is almost overwhelming, what I am going to do is give you a brief intro to Amino Spiking plus some info on the trusted sources that have stepped up and guaranteed that what is on their label is in their product.

So first off from the simple explanation of Amino Spiking is ” Amino acid spiking is essentially the practise of dumping high amounts of the cheapest, least valuable amino acids into the powder in order to cut costs while keeping the total protein content elevated.

For labelling purposes, the total protein gram amount listed on the product is based on the total nitrogen content. As a result, even though these isolated amino acids are technically not “protein”, they’ll still contribute to the total.

This means that you’re not getting a complete protein source when using these products, and it means you’re getting higher amounts of some of the least effective amino acids when it comes to supporting muscle protein synthesis.

So there are a ton of things that go into testing protein if you care to read into very detailed posts check out Price Plow and see if the brand you are or have been buying is “accused” of SPIKING.. but this basically boils down to the companies cheating you out of your hard-earned money, I have heard people try to justify it by saying well the price is good so I don’t really care that “my brand” of powder is on the Accused list.. I say to these people, if you like paying full price for half ass stuff then more power to you. Just this week there was a MAJOR player in the industry accused of only putting in 1/2 of the label claims an amount in a particular product of theirs.  If a brand is intentionally misleading you why will you continue to support them when there are brands out there that are stepping up and giving you the absolute facts and truth about what is in their powders?  Would you pay $5 a pound for organic chicken and take 2 cans of spam in return?  I highly doubt it, so why accept this from your big brand supplement company when there are many others who will guarantee that what is on their label is in each scoop?

To my knowledge Jim Stoppani is the one who first came forward and brought a non proprietary blend to the market with his JYM Supplement Science Line. Muscle Elements stepped up and brought a huge voice and statement with their entire line that includes The TRUTH — check out this video from Muscle Elements CEO Eric Tomko  and just this week BPI Sports came forward with some 3rd party testing and labeling of ChromaDex to assure the consumers that their protein is exactly what the label claims,  There are many more very reputable companies out there that are making high quality products and are not in the Amino Spiking news but these three are the one’s that have stepped up and brought you products with guarantee’s of matching label claims, not using proprietary blends and using third party testing to assure the consumer that what they are getting a product exactly as advertised.

Why does this all matter?  The way I see it is if you pay for a V10 in your sports car but get a piddly little 6 cylinder in return you are going to be pissed when you get dusted in a drag race so why support these companies who have been cheating you out of your hard-earned money when you can go with those who are trusted and guarantee their label claims?  If these “alleged” brands are screwing you on the protein powder do you go on to trust the remaining items in their brand, I sure as shit wouldn’t!

Do your research, use the brands that guarantee and back label claims or continue to use!

pro_jym120150206_105312 (768x1024)


Looking out for your best interest.

Stevie T

The “BIG GAME” falls on a perfect day for me, it marks just about five weeks before I leave for the Arnold Sports Festival and gives me a chance to toss back a few cold beers and reap the rewards of busting my ass in the gym. I live Life & I don’t believe in elimination of food groups, plus I really enjoy drinking craft beers, to be 100% honest I would rather eat a solid meal and have a few cold brews than eat a pizza or have dessert when it comes time to bump the calories up a bit.  So this morning after a few hours of online coaching I schemed up this slow cooker recipe so I could get on with the day and have it ready in time for dare I say “SUPERBOWL49”  #Hopeidonegetsued

Raw Ingredients. Callicrate Beef, New Belgium Portage Porter Spring Seasonal, Savory Spices, Sweet Potato, Organic Vegetables and Vegetable stock

Raw Ingredients. Callicrate Beef, New Belgium Portage Porter Spring Seasonal, Savory Spices Bakers Brew Coffee Spice & Woody Creek BBQ Seasoning, Garlic Sea Salt, Olive Oil, Sweet Potato, Organic Vegetables, Garlic and Vegetable stock

The off the top of my head recipe is

2 bottles New Belgium Brewing Portage Porter Spring Seasonal (1 to marinate overnight and 1 for crock pot)

3 lb Eye of Round from Ranch Foods Direct / Callicrate Beef – THE ONLY meat I will eat

4 cups Organic Vegetable Stock

2 TBSP Olive Oil

1 Tsp Each Savory Spice Shop Bakers Brew Coffee Spice and Woody Creek BBQ Seasoning

1 Tsp  Garlic Sea Salt

1 TBSP Coarse Ground Black Pepper

Combine all of the above in a crock pot with Sweet Potato, carrots, celery, sweet onion, garlic and top with a fresh sprig of rosemary and let cook for 6 hours or until beef is at your desired tenderness.

Ready to roll

Ready to roll

Finished Product. Real Food, Real Training Fuel

Finished Product. Real Food, Real Training Fuel with a little Portage Porter Au Jus

That’s what I have for you today folks.  Enjoy the night, enjoy the game even if your team isn’t playing and remember that it’s just a professional sports match & for 99.999% of my readers it has ZERO impact on your day tomorrow, so don’t get to riled up and stay focused on what YOU want to accomplish this coming month. As I posted up today on my social media sites,

February 1st. Start the new month strong

You know the saying “work until your idols become your rivals.”

Look up to those who lead you, respect them, observe them, but do not worship them, believe you can surpass the success and status that they have achieved, believe in yourself today and you will soon find your current idols being your rivals

HappY Sunday

Stevie T


Hello and Good Day, I hope your weekend was full of the things that make you smile!

I am introducing Isatori to you, I am a few weeks behind on this because I really wanted to come out swinging and give you a look at the product that was billed the new after, and since it’s release is known now as Pre Gro but unfortunately I haven’t been able to get my hands on any yet so I am going to bring to you what I have, and what I have is exciting.

IMG_20150104_064846 (683x1024)

The Isatori products I have been and will continue to use

Eat Smart – Meal replacement, great taste, great macro profile, mixes easy and tastes great.

Isa-TestDa3 – Testosterone Amplifier, gives you a great surge, I’ve being using 1 scoop pre workout and half of a scoop at bed time.

Amino-Amp – BCAA’s are always a staple in my fueling plan, good taste, been using it during training for the bcaa benefit and also so I drink a good amount of water during each session

MX-LS7 – Super Thermogenic,  I will add this in a few weeks or down the road when I feel it will be a benefit

Bio-Gro – This is a protein synthesis amplifier, This product is the grand daddy and one that I am already hooked on after 3 weeks!

But before I talk about my experience I feel it is owed to congratulate CT Fletcher & Isatori for joining forces and am excited to be using this brand while he came on board and know that with his experience, attitude and personality along with the high quality and effective products that Isatori brings to the market it will be a great partnership for both sides.

IMG_20150111_142302 (1024x1024) (2)

First week on the review I made these Eat Smart Cakes infused with bio gro.

ITS GRO TIME is one of Isatori’s hashtags on Instagram and it is a perfect one. I’ve been around this industry since 1999 and I have gone through many hyped products that provide nothing that they say they do, but after three weeks on a dose 150% of what is recommended on the bottle I am Gro-ING and there is no doubt in my mind that Bio Gro is the real deal.  I started the HyperGrowth program 4 weeks ago, I put in a week of training on this plan the recommend before starting the products so I could get a gauge on what to expect and how much time I needed to schedule into my day and what would work while I maintain coaching over 60 people every week.  So without writing a book I am using 5 different flavors in all kinds of food recipes and shakes, at 8-9 scoops of Bio Gro a day and because I fuel my body very instinctively and see a value in taking this dose I can easily justify the buy one get one at half price cost and already feel the effectiveness of it at a mere $3.75 a day.  My strength, fullness and recovery is so good that I can’t hardly believe it.  I was planning on starting to tighten up the eating a bit tomorrow and get ripped up for the Arnold Classic  but I am eating, growing and staying lean enough to see detail so I am going to continue on this #itsgrotime path and will report back in a few weeks with my progress hopefully with some Pre Gro and Hyper Gro to report about.

Thanks for reading, I will leave you with a W^3 – Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom from my facebook page a couple of weeks ago. “the desire from the heart must outweigh the want in your head, If you crave success you will find a path where all excuses will become invalid, the responsiblity to lead an awesome life lies within your heart and soul without expectations from the outside world.

Stevie T.


Last week I wrote about having patience and persistent during your fitness journey, because of the response I got to it I wanted to elaborate on the journey a little bit more…Note I said journey, It isn’t an overnight or twelve week commitment.

The thing that amazes me the most is when people expect instant results, it’s like they want the weight gained over a 5 year period to be gone by the end of January or they think in three months time they will have the pecs and arms of Arnold in time for their spring break vacation. In addition to that it’s really a slap in the face and shows tons of disrespect to those people who have built a great physique or accomplished something big in their sport when these people who expect instant results get frustrated and quit or compare themselves to those who have worked hard and earned results.

Achieving and maintaining long-term fitness or athletic results requires you to live that lifestyle, If you aren’t willing to commit to the lifestyle then you will be constantly facing an uphill battle and most likely be searching for the “secret” forever. You can have the best coach or trainer in the world, they can point you in the right direction and provide you with all the tools to help you succeed, they can show you what is possible and inspire you to do big things but it all boils down to you and if you are willing to commit to living the lifestyle.

Commitment is a big scary word, It is a vow and a personal pledge to stay true to your goals. There are a couple of things that I always tell people about training to try to make them see the big picture, see your training is like building a brick castle, you aren’t going to show up to the gym on Monday and by Saturday have built the body you want, just as you wouldn’t be able to build your dream castle in a week, building your body just like building the castle it will take many calculated actions done consistently over and over again,  then once your castle is built it must be maintained or it will crumble and deteriorate from lack of attention.

Commitment to the fitness lifestyle requires you be responsible and accountable to the long-term goal, it is a life time expedition that like any other adventure will have its twists and turns, trials and difficulties, how you approach and handle EVERY day will then determine what your castle will look like. I often use this analogy, going to the gym or putting in your training time is like striking a match… the other 20-23 hours a day is when the difference is made, you have the choice to light that match and let it burn all day by sticking to a reasonable eating and recovery regimen or you have the choice to light the match and then based on your hour or so of training feel as if you earned the right to stuff what ever it is you want in your mouth, therefore basically sticking the match in a bucket of water.

Commitment to the fitness lifestyle doesn’t mean it has to or should consume 100% of your thoughts or efforts, it just means living with focus and intention, it means waking up everyday and making the choices needed to reach your short or long-term goals, it doesn’t mean daily perfection, it simply means having a vision, a goal and possessing enough personal accountability to build your dream castle, it’s a long journey not an overnight project.

You are capable of doing what ever it is you want!

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